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We update our promotions every few months so you can try products and services that will benefit your pet for a discount!

Prepare for Hurricane Season and Emergencies by buying the Brazos Bend Animal Hospital, now only $15!

*While Supplies Last
The bandage box includes items like gauze, vetwrap, tongue depressors, gloves, alcohol pads, and a brochure from FEMA on additional steps to prepare. We highly recommend to supplement the box with additional supplies, as our box is a starter kit intended for basic first aid. Click here to visit our client education for more resources on hurricane preparedeness.

Buy one Proheart-6 injection, get the 2nd 15% off when you prepay!

 Proheart-6 is an injection you can give your dogs every 6 months to prevent heart worms. This replaces traditional heart worm prevention that you need to give every month, and is easy to remember since it lines up with your annual and semi-annual appointments! Ask about it during your next visit for more information. You can visit our services page here for more information about heart worms and why it’s important for protecting your pets’ health. At this time, Proheart-6 is only available for dogs.

Get a $15 Clinic Credit When You Refer a Friend

We love taking care of animals and would not be able to do that without our wonderful clients! As a token of our gratitude. we are applying $15 credits to clients that refer their friends. Whenever your name is added in the reference section of a new client form, you will receive this credit! Make sure you tell your friends to put your name on their new client form!

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