Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations are an important form of preventative care. They help protect our furry friends from illnesses and diseases that could be fatal. Rabies is one such disease that poses great danger to pets and humans alike. At Brazos Bend Animal Hospital in Richmond, we offer comprehensive dog vaccines and cat vaccines. 


Starting Vaccines Early

Our veterinarian should see your pet for its first rabies shot when it is between 12 and 16 weeks of age. This will cover core vaccines such as rabies, and your pet will be required to receive several other vaccines throughout its first year of life. Additionally, if you have a rescue pet or a pet that hasn't had vaccines yet, you should consult with a veterinarian and get them on a vaccine schedule ASAP.

Core Vaccinations

Core vaccinations are essential for all cats, as they protect against life-threatening diseases that pose the greatest risk. The core vaccines for pets include rabies, distemper, feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus, and feline leukemia. These vaccines are recommended for all pets, regardless of their age, health status, or lifestyle.


In the United States, rabies has been all but eradicated in dogs, and this is due to maintained vaccination schedules. Continuing to vaccinate against this potentially fatal disease helps keep it contained. It is against the law to fail to get a rabies vaccine for your dog, and this will usually be a requirement to renew your dog's license year by year.

Non-Core Vaccines

Non-core vaccines are given according to your pet's specific needs. Your vet may recommend vaccinating non-core vaccines depending on your pet's lifestyle and environment. For example, an indoor cat will have different needs from a dog that is frequently walked in rural areas. Consult with your veterinarian to see if there are additional vaccinations that your pet needs.

Benefits of Pet Vaccines

Vaccinating your pet has numerous benefits, including protecting your family and pet against infectious diseases. Vaccines lessen the spread of contagious diseases to other pets and people. Additionally, vaccinations can save your pet from pain and suffering caused by debilitating diseases and potentially save their life. Regular vaccinations can also help your pet stay healthier long-term and avoid costly, lengthy treatments to restore their health.

Get Expert Pet Care in Richmond, TX

At Brazos Bend Animal Hospital, we know the power of preventative care, especially when it comes to dog vaccines and cat vaccines. Your furry friend deserves a long and happy life, and vaccinations are a way to ensure they do. Schedule a vaccination appointment with a veterinarian at our animal hospital by calling (281) 342-1117.

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