Pet Allergies

Keeping an eye out for pet allergies is important if you want to keep your pets healthy. Seasonal allergies can cause a long list of symptoms. If your pet is suffering from summer allergies, our team at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital in Richmond can help. 

Pet Allergies

What Causes Pet Allergies?

Pet allergies are a result of pets coming into contact with or consuming something that they're allergic to. Allergic dermatitis is one of the most common issues in pets and may occur as a result of the food they're eating or an airborne substance. Various types of molds, pollens, and other particles can cause allergic reactions and similar symptoms in pets. If you know your pet is allergic to something, you need to make dietary and environmental changes to keep them healthy. You can ask your vet for preventative care tips.

Pet Allergy Symptoms

As a pet owner, there are a handful of symptoms you should keep an eye out for to make sure your pet isn't suffering from allergies. If you notice these symptoms, it's time to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is healthy. With dermatitis, you may notice hair loss and red patches on various parts of your pet's body. Other types of allergies may cause watery or red eyes or a skin rash. These symptoms generally go away with time as long as your pet avoids the substances they're allergic to.

How to Treat Pet Allergies

There are a few steps to treating pet allergies. You should start by calling your vet and talking about the pet allergy symptoms you notice. Your vet can help you determine how serious your pet's allergic reaction is and what you can do to treat it.

Generally speaking, pet allergies can be treated by keeping your pet away from the substances they're allergic to. You may need to schedule a vet visit or go to an emergency animal hospital depending on the severity of symptoms. You can also get your pet tested to figure out what they're allergic to so you can stay on top of preventative care. For more tips, talk to your veterinarian.

Contact Brazos Bend Animal Hospital in Richmond, TX

Allergic reactions can cause a long list of unpleasant symptoms in pets, and they're more common than you might think. As a pet parent, it's smart to know about common allergens and the symptoms you should keep an eye out for. If you think your pet may be allergic to something, call Brazos Bend Animal Hospital, and we'll help you get it figured out.

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