Pet Boarding

There are a number of benefits to boarding your pet with our local veterinarian over leaving your dog at home. At Brazos Bend Animal Hospital, Dr. Cynthia Estrade and her team provide boarding services for your pet so that you can go on vacation without having to worry about his needs. If you need to leave for a few nights, or have an extended stay out of town, it's important to have your pet taken care of by a professional you can trust. Our boarding services in Richmond, TX, are here to give your pet the care he needs until you return home.

Pet Boarding

Boarding Your Pet at Our Animal Hospital

When you board your pet at our vet hospital in Richmond, TX, you will know that your pet is getting the attention and care he needs to stay healthy. If there is an emergency, our veterinarian is able to provide the medical care that your pet may need. We offer boarding services so that your dog won't cause damage to your home because he is board. Our boarding services ensure that your dog has supervision so we can intervene if there are any problems.

The Benefits of Pet Boarding at Our Animal Hospital Vs. Home Care 

If you leave your pet at home with care coming to check on them, this can be very isolating for your pet. Going for a walk and being fed might not be enough for your dog. You may not be able to depend on the person taking care of your dog, and he may not be getting the exercise or feeding you are paying for. At our pet boarding, you will know that your pet is receiving care from professionals with access to medical care if needed.

We can also provide a routine wellness exam before your pet’s boarding if you are unsure if your pet is healthy enough to board. We can go over his health record with you and update him on any vaccinations he may need before he is boarded.

Learn More About Our Richmond, TX, Pet Boarding Services Now

When you need dog boarding services, we at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital in Richmond, TX, are here to help. Give us a call today at (281) 342-1117, and learn more about the various boarding services we offer at our veterinarian hospital. If you are looking for vet services in Richmond, or need pet boarding services, Dr. Estrade is ready to discuss your options.

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