Pet Deworming

Deworm Your Pet

Is It Necessary to Deworm Your Pet?

You might have a perception that deworming your pet is not a necessity. However, if your pet is an indoor-only animal, your furry friend isn’t exposed to the same parasites as an outdoor pet. At Brazos Bend Animal Hospital Richmond, TX, we believe deworming your pet is crucial for the following reasons.

Promote Fur Growth

As you'll discover from our vet in Richmond, TX, pets with worms often suffer from poor fur growth. This poor growth is because the worms take vital nutrients away from your pet that would otherwise be used to maintain a healthy coat. A vet near me will recommend the best treatment to help improve your pet's fur growth.

Prevent Anemia

If your pet has worms, it may also suffer from anemia. This anemia stems from the worms sucking the blood from your pet, which can lead to a lack of red blood cells. If left untreated, anemia can be fatal. A visit to our veterinarian is essential if you think your pet may have anemia. An experienced vet near me will ensure your pet receives the treatment they need to recover.

Improve Appetite

It's common for pets with worms to have a poor appetite. This change in appetite is because the worms take away vital nutrients your pet needs to maintain a healthy appetite. Our veterinarian will help improve your pet's appetite by killing the worms and allowing your pet to absorb the necessary nutrients. You need to check with your local animal hospital to find the best dewormer for your pet.

Reduce Risk to Humans

Some types of worms can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, it's essential to deworm your pet to reduce the risk of transmission. Some families choose to deworm their pets, even if they are indoor-only animals. Since it only takes one worm to infect an entire family. If you have concerns about worms, contact our animal hospital.

Prevent Retarded Growth

If you want your pet to grow with vigor, you must ensure they don't have worms. As mentioned, these parasites will rob your beloved animal companion of the nutrients they need to grow correctly. Our deworming treatment will help eliminate the worms and allow your pet to grow at a healthy rate.

Contact Our Veterinarian to Deworm Your Pet

You might not know your pet has worms. First, take them for regular checkups to the vet. Your vet will check for signs of worms and parasites. Then, contact Brazos Bend Animal Hospital in Richmond, TX, to schedule an appointment. Call us today at (281) 342-1117.

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