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If you live in or near Richmond, TX, and need routine or emergency vet care, you have come to the right place. Just bring your pet to our team Brazos Bend Animal Hospital and our veterinarian will be able to diagnose what's going on and devise a treatment plan. A “vet near me” is here to help

Our Pet Care

We know how important your pet companions are to you and your family and we are here to help keep him healthy. Through preventative and routine care, we can help prevent dangerous conditions from developing so that you and your pet pal can have peace of mind.

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What Services Do We Provide?

We can help in a variety of ways. They include:


We don't do this just to make your pet smell good. There are other benefits to pet bathing, including decreasing his chances of getting ill. We can combine this with grooming to help your pet look their best.


Just like people, if pets don't have their teeth regularly examined and cleaned, it can lead to gum disease. This can lead to tooth loss and even other conditions due to bacteria making their way into the bloodstream. We can do a thorough job of cleaning your pet’s teeth and even possibly extracting some.


While collars and nametags are one way to let people know that your pet is yours, your pet can sometimes be too resourceful when it comes to losing those collars. Microchipping is a painless method of having your information stored in your pet. Our veterinarian will inject your pet between the shoulder blades with a tiny microchip. That way, if your pet gets loose and is found, all a vet will have to do is scan his back and get the information.

Wellness Exams

It’s a good idea to get your pet checked out to make sure that he hasn’t developed any conditions. We may check him for parasites, looks at his weight, and examine other aspects of his health.

Spaying and Neutering

Spay and neuter does more than just making sure that your pet won't get pregnant or impregnate another animal. It can also help prevent possible destructive behavior when your pet goes into heat. This is a routine procedure, and the recovery is usually simple.

Other Services

These are just some of the services that we offer, including vaccinations and animal boarding. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We are here to help.

Get Pet Care from an Emergency Vet at Our Animal Hospital

All of us at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital are ready to help the pets of Richmond, TX. Contact us today to make an appointment with an “emergency vet near me” at our animal hospital. Call us at (281) 342-1117 for pet care from a veterinarian.


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