our groomer

Mastering the Craft 

Grooming requires a gentle touch and precision to ensure the cut is neat while also minimizing the pet’s stress. Our groomer, Bridgett, does just this with ease and genuinely cares about the pet looking and feeling great. The benefit of bringing your pet to be groomed at our hospital is that any abnormalities in the skin will be noticed by Bridgett and can be brought to the attention of a veterinarian, who can then recommend treatment. 



Bridgett has made a life out of caring for animals. A fixture of dog show communities since the late 90s, Bridgett has groomed and shown for professional dog handlers nationwide. She grew up in Lindale, Texas where she and her mother bred Akitas. In 2010, Bridgett moved to Bryan where she managed a grooming shop. She recently moved to Richmond with her husband Josh and their three dogs, Stetson, Danity and Sparkle.


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