It can be hard for pets to live with pain, especially when it lingers for a long time. Chronic pain can greatly affect a pet's life, but there are things that you can do to help your pet with their pain. One of these is to get acupuncture for dogs or cats from a veterinarian. When you go to a “vet near me” for this treatment, it can help with your pet's pain without the need for surgery or other interventions. It may be used alongside other treatments to give your pet more pain relief. If you are in Richmond, TX, call us at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital to schedule your pet for our pain relief techniques.


The Process

When a pet is given acupuncture, our vet will help provide this treatment. The process uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin at very specific points so that pain is relieved. After the thin needles have been put in place, certain movements may be used to activate them. People have been practicing this technique for thousands of years, and it is a time-tested way to treat pain. 

The Concept

Acupuncture was practiced in ancient China to help the chi, or the life energy, to flow freely throughout the body. The cause of health problems was believed to be problems with energy flowing through certain pathways within the body. Using needles was a way of freeing up any blockages of energy so that the chi could again make it down these pathways. There are about 2,000 points that are used to relieve pain and other problems. Now, we know that it is not “lifeforce” that is being unblocked but endorphins that are being released.

Though our understanding of why this techniques works has changed, the technique still can produce the desire effect. Acupuncture has been studied a lot in modern times, and it has been found to be effective for treating pain. When the needles are used to puncture the skin, the body begins to make its own chemicals that treat pain. This is a great way to naturally treat conditions that create pain that is bothering your cats or dogs. It is often used after a pet has had surgery to speed the healing process. 

Help Your Pet Manage Pain

When you see a “vet near me” to treat your dog's pain, there are many ways to do it for many dogs and cats. Our veterinarian can talk to you about whether this is right for your pet. If you are in Richmond, TX, visit us at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital to get acupuncture to treat your pet's pain. Give us a call at (281) 342-1117 to schedule an appointment. 

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