dog-1302105_640When Your Animal May Need Surgery
Just like their owners, pets may find themselves on an operating table sometime during their lifetimes. Unlike their owners, most of them experience their first surgery before reaching adulthood. While having your animal spayed or neutered is critical if we are to make a dent in the tragedy of unwanted dogs and cats, it will also enable your pet to live a longer, healthier life. A spayed female will never develop uterine cancer, nor will males encounter prostrate problems or testicular cancer. According to a report in USA Today, dogs who have been neutered live 18% longer than un-neutered males, and females have even better odds at 23%. Females should be spayed before they reach their first estrus, or heat. Males should be neutered by four months of age, or when they show signs of growing territorial which in dogs can take the form of aggression, and cats, spraying.

Common Richmond Area Animal Surgeries

Dental Surgery: Despite being fed the best foods available, many of our pets still develop dental decay, and some experience Injuries and infections that impede their ability to eat. Damaged, decayed, or infected teeth pose potential damage not only to the healthy teeth that surround them, but also to gum tissue. For this reason, they need to be surgically extracted. Periodic deep cleanings in which tartar is removed from above the gum line can save a pet from tooth loss in their older years. In the interest of minimizing stress, we treat this as we would surgery, anesthetizing them under the watchful eyes of both the veterinarian and support staff.

Injuries: Fights with other animals, falls, or being struck by automobiles often require surgery. Bites and wounds may need to be sutured closed to stem bleeding and prevent infection. Broken bones may also need to be reset with metal plates or screws. Modern technology has also made ACL surgery a more common procedure to relieve knee pain, lameness, and instability.

Cancer Surgery: Oral, stomach, skin, and liver cancer are common afflictions suffered by our pets. Surgical tumor removal is necessary as soon as they are detected. In the case of skin cancers, especially prevalent in white or light colored animals, tumors need to be removed for biopsy to determine whether they are benign or malignant.

Emergency Surgery: When an animal swallows a foreign object, surgery may be necessary if x-rays or ultrasound reveal they pose internal blockage or other danger. Cats with urinary blockage due to bladder stones may also need emergency interventions such as catheterization which calls for anesthesia and post-surgical care.

Should your pet need any type of surgery in the Richmond/Fort Bend county area rest assured that at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital, they are in the best hands and in the most vigilant care of our veterinarians and team of technicians. Call us today at (281) 342-1117 with any questions or concerns.