Everyone feels better when his or her surroundings are clean and comfortable. Pets are no exception. As you clean house this spring or at any time of the year, consider the following options to make your home and your pet fresh and happy:

  • Use synthetic, rubber-backed mats by doors, under food dishes and in your pet’s sleeping area. They collect dirt and moisture and are easy to clean.
  • Regularly brush and groom your pet. This will not only strengthen your relationship with your furry friend, but also improve the cleanliness of your home. You’ll notice that your pet will shed less if regularly groomed.
  • Remove pet hair from upholstery and furniture by wearing a damp rubber glove and swiping it over the couch, pillows, blankets, rugs, etc.
  • Keep toxic house cleaning solutions, poisons, paints, insecticides, antifreeze and medications in a locked cabinet or in a room your pet doesn’t have access to.
  • To clean up pet stains, let them dry and then pour white vinegar on the spot and leave the spot to dry on its own. The vinegar doesn’t stain and your pet will not make “mistakes” over and over again on the same spot thanks to the vinegar smell.
  • We sell an extremely effective carpet stain and odor eliminating products such at The Equalizer made by Vetoquinol, so please call or ask us about it on your next visit.