brazosbendanimalhospital-2Your Richmond veterinarian at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital, Dr. Cynthia Estrade or Dr. Aaron Rainer, stands ready to provide your pet with a high standard of care through a wide range of veterinary services. These services include:

Pet Exams – Regular pet exams are one of the important measures you can take to ensure a lifetime of optimal health and wellness for your friend. We can perform lab tests, palpate the skin, check the eyes, weigh your pet and note all vital signs. If any of our findings indicate a possible health problem, we will be in a position to recommend immediate treatment.

Pet Preventatives – Keeping fleas, ticks and other unwanted visitors off of your pet can help prevent problems such as allergic dermatitis, Lyme disease, tapeworms, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and even bubonic plague. We’ll put your pet on a program of preventative medications to keep these threats at bay. Many of these preventatives also prevent heartworm infestation.

Spay & Neuter – Spay and neuter surgery prevents unwanted litters of puppies or kittens while also eliminating or drastically reducing your pet’s risk for several types of cancer. Additionally, spaying or neutering helps your pet live a safer life by removing the sexual urges that promote roaming and aggression.

Heartworm Treatment – Heartworm is a devastating infestation of the heart and lungs by long, spaghetti-like worms. We can provide an extended course of treatment to kill these worms and remove them from the body.

Pet Vaccinations – Pet vaccinations are a critical barrier against serious diseases. We can administer several rounds of core (essential) vaccinations to build up disease resistance, reinforcing that resistance with booster shots as needed. We can also provide certain non-core vaccinations.

Dental Care – Your Richmond veterinarian recommends regular dental checkups and cleanings to help maintain your pet’s oral health. We can also address problems such as gum disease, oral cancer and infected or damaged teeth.

Ultrasound – Ultrasound is an advanced imaging technique for viewing internal tissues in real time. If your pet is pregnant, for instance, we can use ultrasound to view the developing fetuses. It can also help diagnose internal injuries and diseases.

Dermatology – An animal’s skin is vulnerable to allergic dermatitis, bacterial or fungal infection, lacerations and cancers. Your Richmond veterinarian can diagnose skin problems and prescribe the proper treatment to get them under control.

Animal Surgery – If you need animal surgery, then you need our animal hospital. We can remove cancerous tumors, stitch wounds, repair fractures or knee injuries and perform emergency internal procedures.

Poison Control and Treatment – If your pet has ingested a poisonous substance (including human foods or medications), call our clinic immediately. We can tell you how to proceed so we can save your pet’s life.

Walk-ins – We welcome you and your pet to visit us on a walk-in basis.

Bathing – We love keeping your furry friends clean and smelling good! We are happy to offer bathing services for your pet.

House Calls – We understand that it is not always possible to bring your pet to our clinic. That is why we offer house calls and see animals in your own home.

Let Our Richmond Animal Hospital Serve Your Beloved Companion

Our animal hospital wants to serve all your pet’s health and wellness needs for life. Call (281) 342-1117 to schedule an appointment!