We live in an area that is vulnerable to hurricanes. In addition to following the normal “hurricane preparedness” tips, we provide information and resources to make sure that your pets are just as prepared and protected as you.

Prepare NOW

When an emergency hits


  • Take your pets with you
  • Be sure to take the disaster preparedness kit you’ve prepared for your pets
  • Don’t forget food, water bowls, and leashes
  • Don’t forget cat littler, scoop, pan for cats
  • Listen to the radio

Sheltering in place

  • Bring your pets inside, if not normally inside make sure they are well contained
  • Move toxic and dangerous items out of their reach
  • Do not change their feedingĀ  routines if possible
  • Listen to the radio

After the disaster

  • Do not return home until authorities say it’s safe
  • Survey your residence and your pets’ outside areas for safety hazards
  • Remediate hazards if safe to do so
  • If at home, do not release your pets from your control until it is safe for them to return to their normal routines
  • Continue to pay attention to the radio

    Additional Resources

    • click here to see the Red Cross’s Pet Disaster and Recovery tips
    • click here to see pet and animal tips at Ready.gov
    • click here to read tips from the Humane Society